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In Harrow, all hospitals, clinics and surgeries operate a Zero Tolerance Policy. We are here to help you, but we cannot tolerate any form of abusive or threatening behaviour, either verbal or physical, towards any member of staff at any time. Behaviour of this kind may result in you being removed from our list. Serious incidents will be reported to the Police.

PRACTICE CHARTER – "Rights & Responsibilities of the Patient:" 


As an NHS patient you are entitled to:

►Be registered with a GP
►Have a clear explanation of any treatment proposed for you
►Be supported by a relative or friend, if you want one
►Privacy and confidentiality
►Respect for your religious beliefs
►Courtesy from the staff
►Be seen within 30 minutes of your appointment time. If, for any reason, you cannot be seen within this time, a clear explanation will be given
►Be given an appointment the same day if you need to see a doctor urgently
►Make an appointment with the doctor of your choice, however it may not be possible to see him/her on the day of request
►Expect your medications to be reviewed regularly if you are on repeat prescriptions
►A health check on registering with the practice
►An annual health check invitation if you are aged 75 or over
►Be referred to a consultant if your doctor thinks it is necessary, and to be referred for a second opinion if both you and your doctor agree this is desirable
►To have access to your health records (subject to any limitations in the law). A small fee will be charged.
►To know that everyone working in the NHS has a duty to keep all information about you and your treatment confidential
►To know that we may need to share information about you with outside agencies (eg Social Services, District Nursing, etc), but that this is only done in the interests of offering the best possible care to the patient. We will seek your written permission before sharing any information with outside agencies that are not providing medical care to you, but will not do so without your express permission
►Your records are held securely within the surgery

As an NHS patient, the practice expects you to:

►Treat our doctors and staff in a courteous fashion
►Give as much notice as possible if you are unable to keep your appointment
►Always ring early if requesting a home visit, but please think twice before requesting a home visit – is that visit really necessary?
►Remember that a prescription is not always necessary – sometimes the doctor may just give you advice or may suggest that you buy something from the chemist
►Order your prescription in plenty of time – please don’t leave it to the last minute
►Be patient if you are kept waiting to see the doctor – sometimes the doctor has to deal with an emergency – we aim to advise you of any delay
►Inform us of any changes of name, address or telephone number – it is important that we are able to contact you
►Let us know in advance if you have any particular needs, such as hearing/sight/ language difficulties