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Specialist Clinic
We offer Face to Face and Telephone appointments:



These appointments are for 10 minutes and are for one person only. You can go online or call the reception to request an appointment (subject to availability).

The nature of your ailment will help the receptionists to book your appointment with the appropriate health professional. It may be with the Practice nurses, the Health Care Assistant (HCA) or one of the doctors. Our nurses and the HCA are qualified to deal with self limiting illnesses which include flu, temperatures, coughs, ear checks and many similar conditions.

You can now book, cancel or view your appointments online by clicking here  



If you would like to speak to a clinician, please leave your name and contact number with the receptionist by telephone or at reception.Brief details of the nature of the problem will help the doctor gauge the urgency of the call. However, this is not mandatory. The receptionist may also suggest an alternative person to speak to, who may be in a better position to help with your problem.

For further guidance on GP appointment availability:

please click here for booking Online guidelines

please click here for booking via Phone/Reception Desk guidelines



Home visits are for the very ill or the housebound, and are made strictly at the discretion of the doctor. Please make requests for home visits before 10.30am. You will be asked by the receptionist for some brief details of your illness, thus enabling the doctors to prioritise calls according to their urgency. The doctor will call you back to discuss your request. Lack of transport is not a valid reason for requesting a home visit and a rash or a temperature do not prevent patients from coming to the surgery. Simply tell the receptionist on arrival that you may be contagious and the necessary arrangements can be made.


Why not use Patient Access?

With Patient Access, you can now access your GP services at home, work or on the move — wherever you can connect to the internet. What's more, because Patient Access is a 24 hour online service you can do this in your own time, day or night.

Please note: to view your medical record you need to give your consent to data sharing with patient access.